International Record Release Fridays to Begin July 10

International Record Release Fridays to Begin July 10
Last month, we reported that the record industry would be changing the way music is released by setting Fridays as the new global release date for albums. Now, it's been revealed that the change will take effect as of July 10.
A previous statement from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) explained that the decision was made to combat piracy and assuage frustrated customers who had to wait to receive the material already available elsewhere in the world.
"Music fans live in the digital world of today," said IFPI head Frances Moore. "Their love for new music doesn't recognize national borders. They want music when it's available on the internet — not when it's ready to be released in their country. An aligned global release day puts an end to the frustration of not being able to access releases in their country when the music is available in another country."   
He went on to explain the justification behind making Friday the new release day, noting that it is the time for "greatest activity on social media, helping amplify the buzz around new releases everywhere," and that weekends are more conducive to "greater spontaneous purchasing."
Beggars Group chairman Martin Mills previously expressed his concern for the move, saying, "It may well be in the interests of the small number of super-consolidated major labels to make the big become bigger, and appear to be even bigger. But I believe it's fundamentally against the interests of the rest of us, since it will reduce the oxygen available for exposure for artists whose natural format is the album."
Unfortunately, detractors of the decision will have to begin to adjust, as the change kicks into effect this summer.