Interactive Web Doc Out My Window Ropes in Jim Guthrie, Maylee Todd, Ratatat

Interactive Web Doc <i>Out My Window</i> Ropes in Jim Guthrie, Maylee Todd, Ratatat
With the new Highrise project, the National Film Board of Canada is looking to examine the experience of living in an apartment building with a series of releases in various film mediums. And while that may not immediately seem music-related, savvy listeners should take special note of the project's new interactive web documentary, Out My Window, as the soundtrack contains tracks by Jim Guthrie, Maylee Todd and Ratatat, among others.

The project was directed by Katerina Cizek and is one of the world's first feature-length 360-degree documentaries, as users can visit rooms in apartments or look out the window to see the residents' views. The 360-degree environments were created with still images, and some objects contain clickable links to audio clips or short videos made from animated stills.

All told, there is 90 minutes of material drawn from 49 stories in 13 cities, told in 13 languages. Three of the apartments contain 360-degree music videos. A press release notes that music supervisor Helen Spitzer put together "an eclectic curated playlist of innovative, independent music." Besides the aforementioned artists, other musical contributers include L. Pierre (Arab Strap's Aidan Moffat), Colleen, Jun Miyake and Hauschka, among others.

The documentary is now up against Arcade Fire's The Wilderness Downtown for the Innovation Award at Sheffield Doc/Fest, and here at Exclaim!, we can offer you free downloads of two tracks from the documentary: "Pegwee Power" by Maylee Todd (from her album Choose Your Own Adventure) and "Little Furnace" by Jim Guthrie (which is exclusive to Out My Window).

Head over to our Click Hear section now for a free download of Jim Guthrie's "Little Furnace," an atmospheric track that varies between glitchy beats and echoing keyboard figures in its three-and-a-half-minute runtime. Check back on Tuesday (November 9) to download Maylee Todd's experimental folk epic "Pegwee Power."

To check out the documentary, head here, and click below to see the trailer.