Inquisition Uproar: Live and Loud!

They formed in high school, broke up in 1996 and their members went on to play in Strike Anywhere, River City High and Ann Beretta. Inquisition remain one of the most crucial bands to have emerged from Richmond, VA’s fertile ’90s punk rock grounds, and while their influence was pretty localized, its effect on one community helped to shape the sound of bands like Anti-Flag, Avail and Hot Water Music. Uproar is an audio and visual document of the band’s two reunion shows in mid-2007, a perfect picture of two nights of earnest, powerful punk mayhem that sees mics knocked out of hands, massive sing-alongs and hoarse vocals taking centre stage. Anyone interested but unfamiliar with the band would do better to pick up 2005’s reissue of Revolution, I Think it’s Called Inspiration, but it won’t be long before you get here, looking to see what it all meant over ten years later. (No Idea)