Inquisition Revolution, I Think It's Called Inspiration

Composed of individuals who would go on to be in such notable punk outfits as Ann Beretta, River City High and Strike Anywhere, Inquisition’s only full-length record is finding new life, thanks to A-F Records. Led by the distinct vocals of Strike Anywhere’s Thomas Barnett, the band’s melodic punk rock recalls a more streamlined Op Ivy or tighter D.B.S. Touching on the subjects that Barnett would go on to explore with a slightly more mature voice and perspective in later years, the lyrical content here is more youthful, angry, and inspired than anything the members of the band have done since. While the sonic likeness of most songs tends to ere on the side of Strike Anywhere, there is much more to this record than many early years releases. A striking unit unto themselves, Inquisition prove their worthy of new attention in light of this fine reissue. (A-F)