Inga Copeland

Telus World of Science, Vancouver BC, September 18

Inga CopelandTelus World of Science, Vancouver BC, September 18
Murmurs of anticipation could be heard throughout the room for Inga Copeland's performance on the opening night of New Forms. Alina Astrova's meek poise behind the decks was promptly contrasted by punches of thundering bass that immediately pulled the scattered crowd close. Distorted kicks and unkempt rhythms filled the room as dim lighting and low visibility aided in establishing the set's sombre mood. Fragments of recycled horns and jazz drums felt like a lost Amon Tobin record.

At times, the ex-Hype Williams vocalist would often struggle to keep her voice above the mix as she recited tracks off her self-released LP earlier in the year, but that played right into the set's rebellious nature. It was a brave performance with an intentionally agitated cadence, a declaration of her newfound independence. And while not quite as well-executed as one might have liked, the set certainly made a statement to the engaged Vancouver audience.
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