Indie Rock Gets Its Own Colouring/Activity Book

Indie Rock Gets Its Own Colouring/Activity Book
Have you ever wanted to help LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy find all his friends? Have you ever wanted to find the Grizzly Bear that doesn’t match? Or more importantly, have you ever wanted to break out the Crayola and bring colour to your favourite indie rock stars? Well, if so, UK illustrator Andy J. Miller can hook you up with just the thing.

While an undergrad at England's Huddersfield University, Miller designed Colour It (Red), a colouring/activity book inspired by artists such as Panda Bear, Joanna Newsom, TV on the Radio and Beirut. The book, which also includes a CD compilation of indie rock jams and a red Crayola, was part of his final school project, intended to help the (Red) organisation, which raises money for AIDS/HIV group Global Fund.

And what Miller came up with is one of the cutest little indie accessories around. In Colour It (Red), you get a chance to shade in an "animal collective,” search for words included in a Feist song, colour in bricks to reveal Kevin Drew’s safety bricks and make Beirut’s carousel pretty.

The only downside to all this is that for now the only way you can experience Colour It (Red) is through these scans. Miller has yet decide whether he will mass produce the book and make it available to the masses.
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