Indian's Will Lindsay Talks His "Terrible" First Impression of 'From All Purity'

Indian's Will Lindsay Talks His "Terrible" First Impression of 'From All Purity'
Critical acclaim for Indian's latest opus, From All Purity, has been nearly as deafening as the album itself, but it had at least one notable early doubter. As it turns out, guitarist/vocalist Will Lindsay didn't see the merit in it when the band first entered Soma Electronic Music Studios with engineer/co-producer Sanford Parker (Minsk, Nachtmystium, YOB).

"It's kind of funny, actually — I don't know if I've told anyone this yet or not, at least as far as interviews — but the day we went into the studio, I thought we just had just a pile of shit," Lindsay tells Exclaim! "I hated the record when we showed up at the studio. I just thought it was terrible."

Lindsay's opinion changed at the end of the recording process, when he heard the completed album back, but getting there was certainly a journey: "I can sum it up very easily; it was really fucking hard."

Contributing to the difficulties was the loss of former noise/synth player Sean Patton, which was necessitated by constant internal tension. External tension also weighed on Lindsay, as he suffered a breakup a couple weeks before recording.

The result, which we called "a noisy juggernaut of sludgy, blackened doom," was far noisier than the band's last album, Guiltless; Lindsay said the Chicago band recorded it that way intentionally.

"We really wanted to make the noise stuff be a more prevalent element in the band. I love Guiltless, it's just we didn't want to make the same album twice. I think Guiltless was the best record we could have made at that point as a band, and I just wanted to do something different."

While Indian have several overseas dates booked, to hear From All Purity live, Canadians will have to wait for the announcement of a northeast USA tour that Lindsay suggests might be forthcoming.

"It's only being loosely discussed right now. We haven't hammered out all the details, but we're probably going to do a northeast trip in early summer. That'd be something that would involve probably the New England states and then probably Montreal and Toronto as well, along the way."

Until then, they can replay From All Purity, out now on Relapse, and read our full interview with Indian here.