Incognito No Time Like The Future

Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick has presided over his Incognito collective for 18 years and this latest entry from his venerable British jazz-funk outfit mines familiar ground. No Time Like The Future employs the heretofore successful Incognito formula — a large cadre of crack session musicians, various vocalists, the requisite cover version and a dash of Latin rhythm and instrumentals. Opening track “Wild And Peaceful,” featuring frequent collaborator vocalist Maysa is unmistakably Incognito, replete with string sections. The incomparable Jocelyn Brown brings a restrained approach to the finely measured “It Ain’t Easy.” As well as these previous collaborators, newcomer Karen Bernod makes an impressive appearance on the beguiling “Marrakech” and Cuban group Ira Kere put in an appearance on “Fearless.” However, the cover of the Jones’ Girls “Nights Over Egypt” steps up the bpms and loses the original’s intimate warmth. Still, with the shortest track being a second shy of five minutes, there are plenty of meticulous grooves to lure the listener. (Mercury)