In the Valley Below Release 'The Belt' via Arts & Crafts

In the Valley Below Release 'The Belt' via Arts & Crafts
Last year, Los Angeles duo In the Valley Below signed with Arts & Crafts, and now they're finally ready to issue their debut album through the label. The Belt will be out on August 26 in Canada.

The album was written, recorded and self-produced by band members Angela Gail and Jeffrey Jacob. A press release notes that this quintessentially DIY approach resulted in "David Lynch-esque sensuality draped in BoHo chic."

The album opens with the single "Peaches." Scroll past the tracklist to watch the video for that moody pop number. Also below, watch a lyric video for the even more downcast, droopy-eyed "Hymnal."

Note that many of the songs on the album have been issued on past EPs like Peaches, Hymnal and Man Girl. Also, The Belt saw a European release in 2013.

The Belt:

1. Peaches
2. Neverminders
3. Last Soul
4. Hymnal
5. Stand Up
6. Dove Season
7. Take Me Back
8. Searching for a Devil
9. Lover
10. Palm Tree Fire
11. King Tide