In the Company of Serpents Ain-Soph Aur

In the Company of SerpentsAin-Soph Aur
Denver, CO doom duo In the Company of Serpents take the notion of heavy to a whole new, exceptional level with their third full-length, Ain-Soph Aur, which translates to "Limitless Light." The album features six tracks of crushing, spacey doom that is filled with dissonant sludgy tones and dark, yet surprisingly elegant, melodies. Guitarist/vocalist Grant Netzorg and drummer Joseph Weller Myer create a remarkably full and massive sound despite being a two-piece.
"Middle Pillar" starts the album with haunting notes that explode into roaring fuzzy riffs, crashing drums and harsh vocals. Next, "Nothingness" slows things back down with sparse noise elements before the mellow "Crucible" introduces blues-style guitar work that juxtaposes the track's ominous atmosphere. Twangy acoustic guitars captivate throughout "Merkabah," which is a disconcerting, yet stunningly beautiful, number.
"Limitless Nothingness" is a simple banjo track that carries on the melancholic vibe before "Limitless Light" closes the album with over 12 devastating minutes of slow and dense psychedelic rhythms. The combination of abrasive and delicate sounds is compelling throughout the album, while themes inspired by Qabalistic concepts add to the thought-provoking characteristic of Ain-Soph Aur. (Independent)