In Flames Used and Abused… In Live We Trust

As far as this writer is concerned, In Flames should quit. Sure, they’re making more cash than ever, but what they’re netting on each mediocre record they lose exponentially in integrity. The first disc is a compilation of three live performances, the lengthiest being shot at a small club in Gothenburg. Their live show is flawlessly executed but the focus on newer material highlights the fact that their music and stage presence has taken a turn for the worst; they lack the energy needed to truly connect with someone watching a DVD. A man who has absolutely no charisma or interesting questions, making for a tedious series of interviews, presents the beginning of the second disc. The videos included afterwards are all from their two latest albums and the sound check at the end is completely unnecessary. Though it’s a comprehensive package, it fails to chronicle anything particularly remarkable, making it glaringly obvious that IF don’t know when to throw in the towel. (Nuclear Blast)