In Alcatraz 1962 The Drive

In Alcatraz 1962The Drive
In Alcatraz 1962, a band named after an escape from the notorious prison in the same year, seem more concerned with being heavy than the finer aspects of writing music. The Drive is a constant barrage of breakdowns, two-steps, and other standard-fare faux-hardcore standards. In Alcatraz 1962 are reminiscent of deathcore bands such as Emmure, In the Midst of Lions or Whitechapel, if they were played by Lionheart. They attempt to reach the ignorantly-heavy levels of the Acacia Strain, Legend or Bury Your Dead, but ultimately fall short. When they set aside their breakdown fixation long enough to incorporate more elements on tracks such as "Aspirations" or "Eloquence," they prove to be slightly heavier. However, the band are still heavily dependent on the creatively-void chugs on the lower strings. While In Alcatraz 1962 aren't criminally bad, they could use a short sentence in a prison, where they can improve their craft. (Standby)