Imps Remixed

Normally, reviewing remixes without hearing the originals makes for awkward guesswork, but when Thomas Fehlmann kicks off a roster of fat-free producers, no cheat sheet is necessary. Fehlmann's flowtastic take on "Heaven and Bagpipes" exceeds much of his post-Orb work to date. Other high points include a trance-kissed house track from Move D that defies chronological placement. Isolée finds thrust in a space age mash of dub echo and a faux Theremin squeal. Jan Jelinek breaks the mid-tempo ranks with "Jonty's Way," a number more Basinski than beat happy. Finally, half of IMPS, Mullaert and Henriksson (aka Minilogue) unspool an extended house track that seems to be whooshing its way towards and ever-receding exit point. Now, to track down the pre-mix. (Mule)