Implodes' Ken Camden Readies New Solo Album for Kranky

Implodes' Ken Camden Readies New Solo Album for Kranky
Implodes recently impressed with their album Recurring Dream, and now that atmospheric post-rock band's own Ken Camden is preparing to release a new album of his own for Kranky. Space Mirror is out on July 29.

This is the Chicago-based Camden's second album for Kranky, as it follows 2010's Lethargy & Repercussions. A press release notes that the album has a cosmic theme and uses guitar as its primary instrument. The record includes six songs, most of which are well over six minutes long, with the whole thing clocking in at over 40 minutes.

The announcement explains, "The glimmering sound fields he forms could be a soundtrack to an epic '60s science-fiction film, or a long forgotten grade school educational film strip explaining how humans would be living on Mars early in the 21st century."

Furthermore, "The album forms a gravity-free environment in which the listener is suspended, enhancing an aural excursion to the outer reaches of the musical Kosmos."

Space Mirror:

1. Spectacle
2. Eta Carinae
3. Moon
4. Trapezium
5. Antares
6. Dominic Sunset

Ken Camden - Full Machine from ken camden on Vimeo.