Impeders Of Progress Impeders Of Progress

Wrapping up six thunderous songs in a cosy 15 minutes, Vancouver’s Impeders Of Progress aren’t exactly interested in overstating their point. However, because the band’s approach is an interesting and slightly unique amalgamation of Trash Talk’s directness with modest Sick Of It All pacing/choruses over songwriting and a delivery reminiscent of crossover’s earliest days — when crusty punk held more weight than chugging metal — this eponymous independent EP is unrelenting and instantly appealing. Even its occasional choppiness, incredible un-production and limited musical ability feel like bonuses not hindrances. Those realities give them an undeniable sincerity and Misfits-ish sonic style. This is something Danzig and crew might have created were they more interested in politics, à la Disrupt, than what happened to Marilyn Monroe’s corpse. (Independent)