Immaculate Machine Ready New Album

Immaculate Machine Ready New Album
Victoria pop rockers Immaculate Machine have announced that their upcoming new album is in the bag and will be released next spring. Entitled High on Jackson Hill, the LP will come boasting 12 tracks and was recorded "in the comfort of a borrowed home" with the help of producer extraordinaire Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Ladyhawk) of Vancouver's Hive studios.

"The relaxed environment compared to a sterile studio helped make the album sound really laidback and creative," Immaculate Machine says via their MySpace page. "Working with producer Colin Stewart was a fantastic experience; he really helped bring out the '70s weirdo music in us."

In an interview with Exclaim! earlier this year, Stewart said he had recently been getting away from the Hive and doing more "location recordings," such as this recent session with Immaculate Machine, who recorded High on Jackson Hill in kitchens, living rooms and around a "singing booth" table with cookies.

"There's something about the sound of a house that creates an emotional reaction," Stewart said. "People aren't used to hearing studios but they immediately recognize the acoustics of a living room. And I don't think the Hive is like this, but generally studios are a very sterile environment. There's just something about a guy and a four-track that's so personal and emotional, and I want to try to capture that with what I'm doing."

High on Jackson Hill will follow up on 2007's Mint Records-released Fables (which featured a cameo from Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos and the Cribs) and will hit shops in late March or April after Immaculate Machine plays next year's South by Southwest.

Immaculate Machine "Jarhand"