Imbroglio Declared Self Hatred

ImbroglioDeclared Self Hatred
Having disbanded only a week prior to its release, Declared Self Hatred (the third album from Imbroglio) represents the end in more ways than one. Whether or not the band knew this would be their final release at the time of its recording, the aptly titled record has an overarching atmosphere of impending doom, and the fact that it's being released the day the world is predicted to implode (depending on who you believe) speaks volumes. Declared Self Hatred follows Imbroglio's incredible 2011 release, Sleep Deprivation, which combined hardcore, grind and sludge in a way that conjured self-destruction, helplessness and terror. But with Declared Self Hatred, Imbroglio take their dark, tragic sound a step further, with a heightened sense of frustration mixed with rage and anxiety. The slow, groove-heavy dirge of "Declared" that transitions to visceral intensity on "Sharp Teeth" demonstrates a greater focus on songwriting, with catchy, yet progressive riffs, tones and rhythms. "Your Failure" overwhelms with feelings of self-loathing via an especially abrasive vocal delivery, while the unpredictable melody and contrasting aggression of "Harsh Reality" represents mournful defeat. Declared Self Hatred is filled with passion and despair, brought forth via superb musicianship and songwriting, making it the perfect swan song for Imbroglio. To say they will be greatly missed, following this impressive release, would be an understatement. (The Path Less Traveled)