Memphis, TN/Orlando, FL-based producer Imakemadbeats first bubbled up with The Transcontinental, his 2009 collaboration project with Stones Throw's other street-spitter, Roc C. He follows that solid effort up with his self-titled drop, which features a slew of underground standouts like Von Pea, Black Milk and Planet Asia, as well as a surprising guest spot from Mic Geronimo! Dude is still kicking, apparently, and that's a good thing. Imakemadbeats shows the diversity of his musical tastes and the depth of his crates on this release, as the album offers up a wide range of sounds, from vintage Dipset-style cipher "Corporate 'N Gommorah," featuring Synopse, Icon the Mic King and Rugged, to the spacey, atmospheric haze of album closer "Imakemadbeats," featuring MidaZ and J-Kroaz. This is a very strong sophomore release from a producer that shows much promise and individuality in a day and age where a hot new beat drops every minute and a new producer is hatched every day, thanks to a laptop, Fruity Loops and the "internets." (Doxside)