Imaginations Treetrunk & Aalo Guha Branching Further

Branching Further is the follow-up to Imaginations Treetrunk’s Branching Out, which was the first collaborative compilation from this BC crew whose most visible members include Ink Operated’s Kaboom and beat maker Aalo Guha. The sophomore compilation comes off as a more fully-conceived and complete collaborative effort with the shifting line-up from song to song coming off as natural while Aalo Guha’s chilled, laidback beats unify the album with a consistent sound. At times, Branching Further sounds like it could be one long song with various beat changes throughout, which is probably reinforced by the five tracks in a row by fringe members Tapwater & Airease Aram very early in the album, and which could have been made into their own very good EP if combined with the three other tracks throughout that feature either Tapwater or Airease Aram. Also collaborating on this project are Kunga 219 (of the Goods), Josh Martinez, and Kaboom’s fellow Ink Operated members Epedemic and DJ Wundrkut, the latter throwing down a turntablist track. Branching Further is a great headphone album that would also serve as a good soundtrack for hanging with the homies. (Independent)