Imaginary Friends The ImF Ride

Backburner’s Thesis Sahib, Jesse Dangerously and MF Deluxe have chosen to debut their collaborative effort as the Imaginary Friends with a two-song seven-inch. A-side track "The ImF Ride” is a raging success with an up-tempo beat of bongos, synthetic hand claps, a funky bass loop and a jazzy wall of cymbals. Guaranteed, you’ll shake your ass — or at least tap your toes — to the trio’s anthemic introduction. The chorus could be tighter, but the cuts are slick. Deluxe starts things off strong, Jesse Dangerously takes it to the next level, and finally Thesis rips his most hip-hop verse in quite some time. It’s a hard song to top, so Imaginary Friends don’t even attempt it on the flipside track "Even Exist (As In: ‘We Don’t…’).” Instead, they start with a slower and simpler drum loop that is unfortunately a little repetitive no matter how often the samples on top change. The banjo sample during the latter part of Thesis’s final verse is the most interesting part of the beat. The three rappers work their different styles with each presenting some great moments, but it doesn’t really matter because there’s this really great track on the other side. And that’s reason enough to own the seven-inch. (Backburner)