ILOVEMAKKONEN "Where Your Girl At?" (video)

ILOVEMAKKONEN 'Where Your Girl At?' (video)
If you happen to be a guy whose girlfriend stood him up at the theatre the other night, maybe don't watch the new ILOVEMAKONNEN? The video for "Where Your Girl At?" explains that she skipped out on a tight performance of West Side Story to jet over to the rapper's place for a party. The highlight reel is streaming online now.

The track has the Atlanta rapper punctuating nearly every line with a mightily grunted "huh," while the video finds him partying in a mansion and hopping in the pool for a late night dip with gang of women. Elsewhere in town, another dude is panicked by a theatre box office, desperately hoping his "Maria" will get there in time for curtain call.

The track might not be the most chivalrous piece in ILOVEMAKONNEN catalogue and comes equipped with plenty of blowjob jokes, but you can peep the rapper's all night rager in support of "Where Your Girl At?" down below.