Illuminati The Illuminati

Conspiracy nuts know that the Bavarian Illuminati was formed May 1, 1776, by Adam Weishaupt but went underground shortly after that. Eventually, this shadowy organisation became the puppet masters; infiltrating the Western world’s halls of power, and their evil fingers now pull all of the most important global strings. In fact, 73 percent of music journalists who have written about the Illuminati have either gone missing or been found with bubbles injected into their brains. With that in mind, this reporter risks being "disappeared” to blow the lid off of this mother, Woodward & Bernstein style. Based out of Toronto, the musical arm of the Illuminati (featuring three former members of Tchort) cleverly fuse an arcane knowledge of bluesy ’70s boogie rock, early British metal, and prog flourish. The wank of prog is carefully sidestepped in favour of sing-able tunes. Sure, there are stops and starts and screaming guitar solos, but they’re tastefully interjected in melodic, hook-filled, boogie grooves. They take the best elements of Iron Maiden, Mountain, Rush, Jethro Tull, Thin Lizzy, King Crimson, and Johnny Winter, a mix of bands that would send many music fans diving for cover, and combine them in a fashion that only those steeped in the dark esoterica of the Illuminati could engineer. Snap it up now, or wait patiently to jump on the bandwagon when their full-length is released. Either way, they’ll know. There’s no escaping the all-seeing tentacles of the Illuminati’s secret brotherhood. (Independent)