Iglomat Iglomat

Iglomat are a cross-Atlantic collaboration between Scots David Jack and Scott MacDonald, and Austin-based guitarist Sandy Carson. It’s easiest to label their debut post-rock, although it really doesn’t give in to the excessive lengths that the genre can conjure. Instead, they throw in enough samples and electronic bleeps to keep things interesting, creating an amalgamation that’s reminiscent of the quieter moments of Mogwai, or a less organic Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Three years in the making, because the band members never actually recorded in the same studio (utilising email instead), it’s clear how much care and attention went into making the album, as there isn’t a wasted moment or note. There’s economy to their sound, yet it never comes across as too sparse or bare — there’s an atmospheric quality to every track. And best of all, this all comes with the least amount of hype or expectations, making this a very nice surprise. (KMF)