Idlewild The Remote Part

If Idlewild have one thing going for them, it’s that they sound nothing like Echo & the Bunnymen. Unlike most Brit bands making a splash these days (the Coral, Coldplay), the Scottish quartet’s sound bears little resemblance to the swirly sound of the ’80s psychedelic bands. In fact Idlewild don’t sound Britsh at all, drawing most of their sound from American alternative acts like Sonic Youth, the Pixies and of course, Nirvana. With their third album, Idlewild move even further away from their punk beginnings, crafting perfectly listenable, if a little too radio-ready modern rock. The group is at their best on anthemic numbers like "You Held The World In Your Arms Tonight” and "American English” but jagged post-punk rockers like "I Am What I Am Not” and "A Modern Way Of Letting You Go” hold up just as well. (Capitol)