Idle Jets Atomic Fireball

The opening track of Atomic Fireball, “Genius Of The Obvious,” is one of the most effervescent and endearing slices of pop to come down the pike in a dog’s age, all jangly guitars, bubbly, melodic bass, lush harmonies and an enormous hook. Not surprisingly, the rest of the CD doesn’t maintain that joyful intoxication, mainly as a function of having set the bar absurdly high with the opener. Probably a good thing or you’d die of an aneurysm. They try to go a little rootsy with “Lady Satellite,” at least until the glam pop chorus kicks in. There’s a also a wad of glam in the title track, which comes across like Cheap Trick covering “Suffragette City.” Less successful is the slightly slick AOR of “Climbing Up The Hill.” Still, on average the Tennessee foursome comes out on the winning side, rising above the increasingly crowded field of Indie popsters. (Not Lame)