Back To Back Vol. Four Back To Back Vol. Four
Mobilee celebrates its fourth instalment of the Back to Back compilation and DJ mix series with (aka Andreas Dimitriadis). Prior editions include mixes by Anja Schneider, GummiHz and Miss Jools. was born and raised in Greece. Influenced at a young age by his father's large jazz collection, went on to study music and began improvising with some bands. Later, Dimitriadis became praised for his energetic, live trumpet performances, landing him gigs at international festivals like Sonar and Nuits Sonores. On Back to Back Vol. Four, stitches together a standard mix featuring 2009 Mobilee releases. On the second CD, takes the series in a new direction by bringing on the Berklee College of Music to create jazzy house interpretations of Mobilee's back catalogue. might be taking on new territory when it comes to reworking Mobilee's library, but as far as new sounds are concerned, this addition feels like a revisit to house classics from the early '90s. (Mobilee)