Iconic Album Covers of Nevermind, Master of Puppets, Pet Sounds Get Hilarious Facelift

Iconic Album Covers of <i>Nevermind</i>, <i>Master of Puppets</i>, <i>Pet Sounds</i> Get Hilarious Facelift

We recently told you about a list the folks over at Cracked compiled regarding hilariously unsexy album covers that were attempting to be sexy. And since we like to brighten up your day with some giggles, let's give Cracked another salute by alerting you to their latest hilarious music-related list: 27 Rejected Versions of Famous Album Covers.

The first thing awaiting the reader when they head over to the article is a slightly different version of Nirvana's Nevermind, one that features the young swimmer's appendage stretching halfway down the cover. But it's not all (admittedly hilarious) toilet humour.

Elsewhere, there's Johnny Cash... er, Ca$h, posing in true gangsta rap style, Prince on the cover of Purple Rain on one of those old-timey bikes with the huge front wheel, and the iconic guitar on the front cover of London Calling replaced by a keytar (which would really deserve smashing).

Our top picks would have to be the unexplainable remake of Bon Jovi's New Jersey, the Beach Boys feeding animals poison on the cover of Pet Sounds and the happy-go-lucky take on Kiss's Destroyer. Cracked's vision of Metallica's Master of Puppets is hilarious, but the No. 1 honour goes to their remake of Olivia Newton-John's Physical, which is back to the toilet humour, but done oh so well.

The whole list is a hilarious example of pop culture geeks with too much time on their hands indulging in some revisionist, creative non-fiction using the one universal medium: album cover art.

Check out the whole list here to get a few more laughs out of the week.

Thanks to The Daily Swarm for the heads-up.