Ibeyi "River" (video)

Ibeyi 'River' (video)
We knew that French-Cuban twins Ibeyi would be issuing a short collection through XL Recordings. Now, they've released their Oya EP and shared a video for the track "River."

The song is a syncopated, R&B-tinged cut with an inventive style reportedly drawn from the twins' Yoruba heritage. For the accompanying video by Ed Morris, we see Naomi and Lisa-Kainde Diaz being held under water by disembodied hands. They emerge from the water only to trade off lines, and they dip back under whenever they're not singing. Watch it below.

The EP contains four tracks: "Oya" plus an a cappella version the same song, and "River" plus a dub of the same song. It's available digitally now, and on 12-inch vinyl later in the summer.