Ian Svenonius Gears Up for Upcoming Book, Shares New Trailer

Ian Svenonius Gears Up for Upcoming Book, Shares New Trailer
Washington, DC music legend Ian Svenonius has been thrilling the scene for over 20 years, from his tenure in spastic punks the Nation of Ulysses, to the sly gospel yeh-yeh of the Make-Up, to his recent subversive oldies rock revival unit Chain and the Gang. Clearly, the prolific artist knows a thing or two about the industry, and he'll drop some knowledge on us next year through his upcoming Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock 'n' Roll Group: a How-To Guide.

The follow-up to Svenonius' satirical 2007 essays collection The Psychic Soviet arrives through publishing house Akashic Books sometime in January (Amazon lists January 1, while some other online retailers say January 15). A press release explains that the tongue-in-cheek paperback will home in on how to start and survive being in a band, noting that the instructional guide "doubles as a warning device, a philosophical text, an exercise in terror, an aerobics manual, and a colouring book."

Further promoting the release, described as "an indispensable guide for a new generation just aching to boogie," Svenonius and former Weird War bud Alex Minoff have whipped up a trad-rock jingle for Supernatural Strategies, which you can check out down below. The advert finds Svenonius disseminating some details ("it's got a chapter on drugs; it's got a chapter on making love"), and he claims his text is the key to your rock'n'roll success.

Svenonius will also be heading out on the road to do some readings in January, and you can peep the U.S.-only itinerary over here.

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