Ian North Theory of Your Life

Toronto songwriter Ian North’s inviting voice draws the listener in to his intricate narratives, which spin tales ranging from the mundane to the madcap. But from bank robberies in Vancouver to fistfights in a Buffalo trailer park, North keeps things on a remarkably even keel. Blending elements of country, folk, blues and jazz, North muses on the meaning of life, which ends up sounding a lot like home no matter where you’re from. With friends like Bob Wiseman on accordion, Paul Mathew from the Hidden Cameras on bass and cellist Don Kerr from the Rheostatics backing him up, the musicianship on Theory of Your Life is flawless. Subtle melodies combined with lyrics that deal with the frailties at the heart of humanity, make this a pleasurable follow-up to North’s 2002 debut. (Vinyl Republik)