Ian Haynes Post Card Angels

Listening to this CD gave me the impression of walking into some obscure small town bar out in the middle of nowhere and stumbling onto a best kept musical secret. This album features nine dark, brooding storytelling and poetic songs rendered in a bluegrass, folk, blues kind of way, but with a bit of psych rock accentuation. Post Card Angels is rich in strings, with acoustic and electric guitars, bass and slide guitar all expertly layered and cleanly rendered by this multi-talented musician. The prevailing mood on this album is bleak, reflecting the contemporary social climate of our society. Haynes articulates these songs with a mournful yet wise voice of one who's been through some dark, harrowing experiences and lived to sing about it. Among some of the more exceptional tunes are "No Need To Run," mixing angst-ridden lyrics with sly, dark humour, and "Stand On You," a catchy sombre tune with back up vocals by Suzanne McClean. This is the ideal kind of album to put on during the twilight of a day in autumn. (Independent)