I Shalt Become Requiem

Having all but vanished from the USBM scene well before the recent insurgence of one-man, doom-inspired acts, I Shalt Become has returned to plant his stake in a genre he helped develop. Following a low profile full-length earlier this year on No Colors Records, Requiem eschews the depressive atmosphere of similar acts for the most part, preferring to languish in an ethereal, misty dreamscape where aggression takes a backseat to atmosphere. Comparisons to Burzum or early Graveland are not unfounded, although Requiem sticks to mid-tempo or slower throughout and is lo-fi without being abrasive in the slightest. I Shalt Become stands as one of the more promising recent Moribund signings, as the label is rapidly becoming crowded with purveyors of unremarkable Xasthur mimicry. (Stolen Transmission)