I Killed the Prom Queen Unveil 'Beloved' Details, Premiere New Track

I Killed the Prom Queen Unveil 'Beloved' Details, Premiere New Track
Having recently announced that they had signed up with Epitaph to deliver their first LP since 2006, reunited Aussie metalcore crew I Killed the Prom Queen have now delivered the deets on the record in full. Titled Beloved, it drops February 18 in North America and on February 14 in their native land.

As previously reported, the album was was tracked with producer Fredrik Nordström (Bring Me the Horizon, At the Gates, In Flames) in Gothenburg, Sweden. A press release explains that the band had underwent a few lineup changes when they got back together in 2011, though. Original guitarist/keyboardist Jona Weinhofen is joined on the LP by new vocalist Jamie Hope (ex-Red Shore), drummer Shane O'Brien, guitarist Kevin Cameron and bassist Benjamin Coyte.

The make-up may be a bit different than when I Killed the Prom Queen issued their last LP, 2006's Music for the Recently Deceased, and Weinhofen explained that the band pushed their boundaries on the record, but added that the group haven't made too many radical changes to their template.

"We've really extended ourselves," Weinhofen said in a statement. "But we've done it in a way where it's tasteful and it makes sense with the music. It's not like we've gone from sounding like a metalcore band to sounding like Dimmu Borgir. It still sounds very much like Prom Queen."

To tease the set, I Killed the Prom Queen have unveiled "To the Wolves," which jumps from oddly ambient mosh textures to speedier, Scandinavian thrash-inspired passages, all of which screamed full tilt by Hope. You can sample the song down below, where you'll also find the newly revealed tracklist. Of course, that's the album art up above.


1. Beginning Of The End

2. To The Wolves

3. Bright Enough

4. Meilor

5. Thirty One & Sevens

6. Calvert Street

7. Kærjrlighet

8. The Beaten Path

9. Nightmares

10. No One Will Save Us

11. Brevity