AFI "I Hope You Suffer"

AFI 'I Hope You Suffer'
The five-year wait for new AFI material is over, with the Bay Area group having just premiered their "I Hope You Suffer" single.

Veering further away from the band's hardcore punk roots, the track goes hard on the dramatics, with a spacious, synths-and-tom-toms-laden verse setting up the gloomy yet anthemic chorus. Throughout the track, vocalist Davey Havok alternates between sinewy musings and gruff-throated crooning, ultimately summarizing a seemingly shitty relationship with the bridge's: "I've seen my darkest days, you gave each one to me."

A fist-pumper for the broken-hearted, you can stream it down below.

"I Hope You Suffer" will be available to download on July 23, and a new LP is rumoured to be issued sometime in September. It will be the band's first album since 2009's Crash Love.