I Am The World Trade Center Out Of The Loop

Thanks to modern technology, anyone who feels inclined can make a record at home. And even though I Am The World Trade Center could probably afford some time in a recording studio, they chose to record their debut album in its entirety on a not very powerful laptop computer. Not that you'd ever know if you listened to it, though. The band is comprised of Daniel Geller (co-owner of Kindercore Records and ex-member of Kincaid) and his girlfriend Amy Dykes, and between them they've made a wonderful electro-pop record. Think of a sweeter, poppier version of Garbage and you begin to get an idea of what to expect, but thanks to a wide and varied range of samples dropped into every song, the album has a sound of its own. Listen closely and you'll hear snippets of '60s girl groups, traditional Middle Eastern music and many other elements that fly by so quickly that you'll never quite know what you heard. Geller appears to favour bigger beats (even listing Fatboy Slim as an influence), but he can also turn his hand to more downbeat offerings too. He demonstrates this beautifully with the two different mixes of "Metro," which bookend the album - the "Brooklyn Mix" starts things off at a furious pace, while the "Athens Mix" ends up in the chill-out room. Out Of The Loop is an assured debut that has the fashionable kind of pop sound that could quite easily give the band a wider audience than they ever anticipated. (Kindercore)