Various 24 Hours of Hardcore Punk

Various <i>24 Hours of Hardcore Punk</i>
By now, the popularity of Steven Blush's American Hardcore book and subsequent film has meant the discovery of '80s hardcore greats like Black Flag, Minor Threat and the Descendents for newcomers to the genre. Still, while the film and book both went much deeper into the genre, there are still countless unsung bands. To make up for this, Blush has compiled a comprehensive playlist of tracks that will be a quick education for interested parties.

 The set is called 24 Hours of Hardcore Punk, and it's just that: a sprawling compilation of hardcore punk tracks that include a total of 911 songs. The list features all of the well-known hardcore bands, but hundreds of less known acts as well. Unless you're an avid collector of rare Killed By Death seven-inches, you will find some tracks you've never heard on the list.

Check out Blush's 24 Hours of Hardcore Punk mix here. Be forewarned: you can only download or stream the tracks one at a time, so expect lots of clicking if you want a continuous listen.