I-Logic Pro Self / Self 2

Two parts in a three-disc series, Self and Self 2 are promising debuts from the Toronto-based Low Cost label from Jane and Finch producer Ibrahim Bozai. In the past, Bozai has done remix projects for the likes of UK’s rock adventurers, Wire. Like his previous remix project work, I-Logic Pro continues to be noisy, only both releases sound more varied and innovative than any previous endeavour. Self has 99 tracks that clock in at just over 36 minutes, each piece a seconds-long excursion into noise and processed found sound (i.e. field recordings, pre-recorded techno and abstract folk) interspersed with digital burps and hiccups. The varied sounds are mulched to form something like scanning a radio tuner across an FM band with weak reception. Not to say that Self is not fascinating and captivating. It certainly is a fascinating bit of sound collage and textural swatch. Self 2 is in keeping with the first release, only it sounds more focused with fewer yet longer tracks, many that last over a minute. The textures on Self 2 are less harsh as well as more atmospheric and introspective. Self and Self 2 would be best appreciated by enthusiasts of Farmers Manual or material on the Mego label. (Low Cost)