Hypo Karaoke A Cappella

On the heels of artists like Farmers Manual, Christian Fennesz and O.Lamm (the latter who guests/contributes on this CD) is Hypo, who mulches pop tunes to create mutated Franken-tunes. Listening to these humorous yet eerily malformed tracks, one thinks, "I've heard these songs before, or have I?" Hypo takes songs and re-sculpts them in the way some in the third world take first world trash like pop cans and re-mould them into things like sculptures or toys. Enough of the songs' previous form remains to maddeningly tantalise the listener's memory, inducing the listener to play the pieces over and over again until the source tracks are identified. Hypo veers more towards O.Lamm's style by crafting his tracks with a dose of clever humour. That being said, there are also tracks here that are reminiscent of being harassed by an eight-year-old possessed with the desire to annoy one to madness by incessant and repetitive taunts. And for all his cleverness, Hypo's sense of humour boarders on the obnoxious, like Aphex Twin at his worst. Still, Karaoke A Cappella is more playful than a taunt, again, sort of like the eight-year-old who wants to learn his limits. (Active Suspension)