Hyper & Bass Kleph / Various In The Mix Is Six

Australia’s most popular music website dedicated to its huge clubbing fan base is celebrating its Iron Anniversary with a double CD of mixes from UK breaks pioneer Hyper and Australia’s very own golden boy Bass Kleph. DJ Hyper packs the first side with an above average proportion of his group’s own music and remixes, filling the gaps with huge anthems from scene leaders like Basement Jaxx, Plump DJs and the massive junglist remix of Prodigy’s "Voodoo People” by Pendulum. With a distinct lack of breakdowns and an increase of tempo there is very little room to breathe in this driving studio mix. Bass Kleph’s side takes a different vibe with more divas, greater variation in style and more downtime between builds. There are definitely some more interesting mixes as he switches up tracks with twice the frequency. Two contrasting mixes make for an enjoyable celebration of In the Mix’s millennial contribution. (Central Station)