Hyenas Deadweights

Hyenas Deadweights
On their debut full-length album, Deadweights, Germany's Hyenas deliver a raw, aggressive mix of punk energy and hard-hitting breakdowns. The band rip and tear through their songs like a wild animal into its prey.
Hyenas have a dynamic sound that weaves in and out of punchy breakdowns and sludgy ambience. Tracks such as "Ambiself" and "Homeostasis" are sheer forces of ferocity reminiscent of bands such as the Chariot or Retox.
Elsewhere on the album, the band pull together clean guitar riffs and droning feedback that soothe the listener, only to jump right back into whiplash-inducing animosity. Tracks such as "Verminious" and "Smoothtalkers" feature the abrasive attitude established on previous songs while highlighting the gritty clean tones the band are capable of.
Deadweights is a promising release from a band fresh on the scene. The elaborate mix of grimy atmosphere and pure hostility Hyenas achieve on this album makes for a captivating listen beginning to end. (Pelagic Records)