Hush Collector Flowby

At a time where every band seem to be releasing a debut EP, the latest comes from Hush Collector, a three piece band from Brighton, England consisting of Peter Simmons, Katie Mummery and Poppy Gonzales. Considering that Gonzales was previously involved with Mojave 3, it isn’t a complete surprise that there is a certain similarity between the two, although there’s also a healthy dose of Mazzy Star there too. It makes for a gentle country-tinged sound that is warm and inviting. An EP might be the perfect platform for Hush Collector simply because it sounds like they don’t have a whole lot of tricks up their collective sleeves. While Flowby is an interesting listen, but it remains to be seen if the band have what it takes to keep that level of interest over the duration of an entire album. Time will tell. (Candy Cone)