Husbands There's Nothing I'd Like More Than To See You Dead

The Husbands come straight out of San Francisco and sound a lot like a mix between the Pandoras and the Bobbyteens with a sprinkling of the Subtonix. The three-piece have a penchant for growling out classic garage punk friction. Vocalist Sarah Reed belts out the tunes as if someone just dug a high heel into her throat — it’s raw, gritty and rabid. The band can switch seamlessly into songs that would make for a fitting rock’n’roll dance party, and also introduce some subtle moments with a thick, fuzzy haze that settles over everything. The Husbands, also comprised of Nikki Sloate and Sadie Shaw, let a tough edge seep into every inch of their music until it snags and tears and bleeds a little more. Debauched and sinking ever deeper into desolate slumps of perfectly poised gutter rock, the Husbands deliver 17 tracks that play out with bared teeth and foaming jowls. (Swami)