Hurst Wanderlust

The Canadian lead singer/pop star scenario has another chapter thanks to Trevor Hurst. The solo debut by former Econoline Crush lead singer, Wanderlust, is a soft and rather pathetic attempt that, if it’s the album he wanted to release, calls into question how much creative control he had in his old band. Wanderlust is nothing more than a string of weak pop songs that bear none of the earmarks of EC (bombastic production, menacing lyrics, any distortion at all) and features a series of hook and danger-free garbage that’s easily forgettable. As if that wasn’t enough, Wanderlust really only qualifies as an EP; at only seven tracks, the record feels rushed and slopped off. After the impeccable care taken in the sound and style EC’s albums, Wanderlust is a remarkable disappointment. If he plans on continuing like this, he’d be best advised to give up before he further embarrasses himself. (Round Rock)