Hurley Unveil Weezer Clothing Line

Hurley Unveil Weezer Clothing Line
Last month, Weezer guitarist Brian Bell let it slip that his band's latest album would be called Hurley because the Hurley clothing company funded the record. Bell quickly backpedalled, saying, "We got no money for calling the record Hurley." Still, we remained suspicious, since Weezer were actively involved in the manufacturer's back to school campaign. Now, the company has released a full Weezer clothing line.

As Stereogum points out, Hurley has just unveiled a line of Weezer-inspired clothes, including a Rivers Cuomo-esque puffy vest, a plaid snap button shirt, hoodie and beanie. In other words, it's the uniform of late '90s college students available now at your local mall. In addition to the clothing line, Hurley the album will be available in Hurley's PacSun stores when it's released on September 14.

Still, Weezer are insisting that they thought of the album title before the clothing company came knocking. Weezer webmaster Karl Koch made the following statement on the band's MySpace blog:

hi folks. its not that hurley and weezer have *nothing* to do with each other - yes the album is going to be carried in Hurley's PacSun stores, and they are doing some new weez clothes, etc. But the point is that Hurley didnt fund the recording nor do they have anything to do with the music - the album was independently recorded and paid for by the band, and put out on Epitaph. Weezer has been doing promotional and merch deals and etc for 15+ years, that sort of stuff is nothing new. But Brian misspoke when he thought Hurley paid for the album.

Whether or not you believe this story, the controversy works in Weezer's favour - fans are now debating about this rather than the notion that they haven't put out a solid album since the '90s.