Hundred Hands Her Accent Was Excellent

Putting to use their hushed voices, some psychedelic guitar and a smattering of electronic burbles and beats, Hundred Hands give an easygoing, back country vibe to their personal, intimate songs. Moving between a psych-lite, guitar haze and full-on down-tempo electronic experiments, Hundred Hands find their true voice when the two come together, as in standout tracks like closer "” and the epic "Dude, You’re Drunk.” With song titles like that, people might think that this is joke taken too far, but it comes across more like general folksy nature of the musicians. Look to the ending of "Dude, You’re Drunk” as the light beats, banjo and production all come together with the perfect sheen of a Lemon Jelly song, and this definitely isn’t a joke. Unfortunately, there are missteps here, and they mostly come in the fashion of the electronic tracks like "How Many Licks to the Center,” as the strong nature of the acoustic tracks tends to the lessen the seriousness of these experiments, making them sound forced. With the album at its best when melding both natural instruments with their electronic interests, Her Accent Was Excellent allows for a mellow, druggy haze that will easily delight. (Graveface)