Humans Traps

Over the course of three EPs, Vancouver, BC-based duo Humans, with their inventive blend of electro meets indie meets tribal pop, have always had one goal that's stood front and centre in regards to their music: inspiring unrestricted, unabashed dancing. With the release of their latest EP, Traps, it's evident that goal has been more than surpassed. Though not as blatantly outgoing upon first listen as previous efforts, subsequent spins reveal a building intensity that ushers in brilliant electro steeped in lush percussion. First single "De Ciel" plays with a bass line quite similar to older track "Witness," but quickly strays by building simple synths, chimes and layered percussive elements atop a simple beat, before rolling into the swell that rides through "Possession," bringing the tribal, stacked percussion to a meeting point that the widening, rubbery bass grows into a steady, deep warbling. The explosive "Horizon" screams Humans to no end, with its soft, pared opening drifting into percussive bliss with overworked hi-hats and grungy, energized drum loops. Dance-ability they sought, and overwhelmingly achieved. (Hybridity)