Human Fortress Lord Of Earth And Heavens Heir

I'm pretty convinced that their logo reads Human Mortress, but potential typographical errors aside, this debut disc from Human Fortress is a welcome breath of fresh air in the power metal genre. These Hanover hopefuls utilise all the genre trademarks: melodies galore, an unhealthy amount of slower parts mixed in with the speedier galloping horse affairs and a penchant for swords, castles and lame frilly clothes. However, mixed in with all that is a trend towards shorter songs (thank you!), more human lyrics, fewer ballads and a great '80s vibe. All the players in the band do a great job at keeping things tight, and can handle the quiet and loud parts with equal skill. Vocalist Jioti Parcharidis (he prefers "Clairvoyant") is a powerhouse, easily rivalling the best sets of lungs in the genre. Human Fortress is a more enjoyable listen than most of the bands in this incredibly stale genre, and, hopefully, won't get lost in the pack, because there's a lot of them out there. (Limb)