Hugh's Room Set for April Reopening After Securing New Lease

Hugh's Room Set for April Reopening After Securing New Lease
After closing its doors in January, beloved Toronto venue Hugh's Room is edging closer to reopening. While earlier reports suggested it may once again open its doors in March, Hugh's Room has announced it now officially relaunch the week of April 19 and under a new name.

The venue's restructuring committee — a non-profit now called Hugh's Room for the Performing Arts Inc. — made the announcement on Facebook, stating that a new lease had been signed on Thursday (March 9). The post also revealed that the venue would now bear the slightly different name of Hugh's Room Live.

The post reads, "That new lease is being signed today.. The new owner takes possession April 3 and the club needs a minimum of two weeks to get everything back in shape to open the doors and begin our renewed vision. We are projecting that we will finally open in the week of April 19."

The post also adds that original general manager of the club Anthony Ferrando will return to work at the venue, as well as many of the original staff members. What's more, the post states, "We fully intend to honour any paid tickets for shows occurring once we re-open."

To help make this all happen, Hugh's Room Live has launched a GoFundMe campaign hoping to raise $250,000. You can contribute to that here.

To learn more about the venue's reopening, you can read the entire Facebook post below.