Huevos Rancheros Wild Turkey Surprise

The long standing vanguards of the Canadian instrumental scene are back with a peppy little seven-inch featuring one original and one cover. The A-side, “Wild Turkey Surprise,” a tribute to the gamy bourbon of the same name, starts off sounding a lot like AC/DC’s “Honey, What Do You Do For Money?” Then breaks into a shuffling, stampeding , steam- train-like rockabilly rhythm. Guitarist Brent Cooper mixes some whammy-bar, feedback riding over some mysterious sounding licks to complete the equation. There is also a heavy bridge potion of the song that sounds vaguely like Hendrix’s “Manic Depression.” The end result is a hard rock/surf cross-pollinated sound that has become these Calgary’s boys’ trademark. The B-side, Dick Dale’s “The Wedge,” is an old classic hot-rod instro played with tight, chaotic energy, featuring the insane bouzouki-like guitar runs Dale was famous for. (Mint)