Huddle "Islands"

Huddle 'Islands'
Huddle are a four-piece indie rock band based in Toronto, but with deep roots in the Georgian Bay, ON. Singer guitarist Mark Satterthwaite and guitarist Clay Jones cut their teeth writing film and television scores before forming the group in 2008, recruiting Teddy Wilson on drums and David Lucas on bass the following year. Their first single "Islands" is "and always will be, about Georgian Bay," according to a statement from the band.

It's one of the catchiest indie pop tunes to grace ears in some time, propelled by a pulsing piano line and Satterthwaite's soulful vocals. And just as it hits its peak, the track is over, leaving you begging for more.

The band will drop their six-track Fault Lines EP later this spring, hopefully with gigs to follow.

Download "Islands" by Huddle here